Press Release: Valla & Associates Moves to Santa Monica

Valla & Associates, Inc., P.C. is delighted to announce the expansion of its Southern California office.   Effective September 1, 2019, the Firm has moved into its new Santa Monica office at 730 Arizona Avenue, Suite 241, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Mr. Antonio Valla, Founder and President of the Firm stated: “We love being in the Los Angeles market and serving our clients from such an outstanding platform. The growth of our office and the strengthening of our presence there will allow us to provide our broad offering of services."

It is an important step toward the expansion and continued growth of our business. We are grateful to our fantastic clients who trusted and supported us throughout our growth” added Daniela Morrison, Executive Vice President of the Firm.

The Santa Monica office will be staffed by two of the Firm’s attorneys’ Mr. Marco Giovine and Mrs. Laura Soprana-Dec both of whom are excited about the growing opportunities and look forward to continuing to serve our clients.

Mr. Giovine, UCLA Law alumnus, remarked “I am ecstatic to lead the Firm’s Santa Monica office and return to the beautiful city where it all started a few years ago. I strongly believe this expansion represents another key step for our Firm and we are very much looking forward to welcoming our clients to Santa Monica.

Los Angeles Office Contact Information Valla & Associates, Inc., P.C. 730 Arizona Avenue, Suite 241 Santa Monica, CA 90401 Tel.: +1 925 395 6077 E-mail: