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Welcome, Mr. Mario Riva! - September 15, 2016

Valla & Associates is extremely excited and pleased to announce the addition of Mr. Mario Riva, Head of Business Devlopment - Italia. Mario comes to us with a tremendous amount of experience and is committed and inspired to push new boundaries in our pursit of business and service excellence.  

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Winter 2016 Article:
Non-Compete Agreements with Employees

Non-compete agreements have the purpose of delaying the employment of an employee in a competing business. Situations in which a business may wish to use non-compete agreements with its employees are various: The immediate aim is that of preventing competitors to have access at low cost to human resources which have been developed at considerable cost. A secondary aim is that of avoiding the disclosure of trade secrets to competitors, where a simple confidentiality agreement may be less effective. A non-compete agreement could also reduce the turnover, limiting employees’ ability to find employment with businesses with which it could leverage its expertise.

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