From Seat 1A: Gio’ Gelati, San Francisco, CA, United States

From Seat 1A: Gio’ Gelati, San Francisco, CA, United States

International lawyers travel… a lot.  Our President, Antonio Valla, has the privilege of travelling the world representing our valued clients.  Along the way he has enjoyed a variety of cuisines and restaurants from Michelin starred to street stalls.  Clients and colleagues often ask him for recommendations, so we at V&A thought that this blog, From Seat 1A, would be an interesting and useful read.  Buonappetito!

THE SUMMER DESTINATION.  Rather than attempting to describe the difference between ice cream and gelato, understand it empirically.  Gio’ Gelati is well-located on Union Street, just south of Cow Hollow, in San Francisco.  The brainchild of Guido Mastropaolo and Nicola Trois, its only mission seems to be to bring the pure, youthful joy of gelato to San Francisco.  Thanks to the experience and artistry of Patrizia Pasqualetti, Gio’ Gelati provides a fresh, authentic product in a clean, modern, fun and friendly setting.  Do not miss their fresh fruit products, but also try old standbys, such as cioccolato and nocciola.  And, if you are ready for a little slice of heaven, ask them to fix up a brioche sandwich, with your choice of gelato and freshly-made whipped cream.  1998 Union Street, San Francisco, California, USA