From Seat 1A: Mulino a Vino, New York, NY, United States

From Seat 1A: Mulino a Vino, New York, NY, United States

International lawyers travel… a lot.  Our President, Antonio Valla, has the privilege of travelling the world representing our valued clients.  Along the way he has enjoyed a variety of cuisines and restaurants from Michelin starred to street stalls.  Clients and colleagues often ask him for recommendations, so we at V&A thought that this blog, From Seat 1A, would be an interesting and useful read.  Buonappetito!

HIDDEN GEM ON WEST 14TH.  It is rare to come across a truly innovative, customer-friendly restaurant format, but that's exactly what Mulino a Vino represents.  Wine and Italian cuisine go hand in hand, and Mulino a Vino has optimized the match.  Tucked away on West 14th in Manhattan, the restaurant offers over 100 wines by the glass, in addition, of course, to an even broader bottle selection.  Matching that wealth of wine options is an incredible menu designed by Chef Massimiliano Eandi (formerly of Gordon Ramsay London and Arbutus).  Chef Eandi takes an array of fun, happy, Italian dishes, recreates them and revitalizes them.  And then, and here's the truly unique twist, allows you to order any dish on the menu as "small" "medium" or "large".  Small is an aperitivo-style bite, medium is a standard portion, and large is a double portion, perfect for sharing.  By doing so, he allows the customer to drive each choice to fit his or her needs or preferences, from a quick bite to a fun, large, boisterous meal with family or friends. Not to be missed: the eggplant parmigiana, the ravioli cacio e pepe, and the polpette.  Service is friendly and helpful. Casual atmosphere is perfect for relaxing in style.  Mulino a Vino, 337 W. 14th Street, New York, NY.