From Seat 1A: Sandrino, Sausalito, CA, United States

From Seat 1A: Sandrino, Sausalito, CA, United States

International lawyers travel… a lot.  Our President, Antonio Valla, has the privilege of travelling the world representing our valued clients.  Along the way he has enjoyed a variety of cuisines and restaurants from Michelin starred to street stalls.  Clients and colleagues often ask him for recommendations, so we at V&A thought that this blog, From Seat 1Awould be an interesting and useful read.  Buonappetito!

For those of you visiting San Francisco, craving true Italian cuisine, and not wanting to spend a fortune...leave San Francisco and head 15 minutes north to the lovely town of Sausalito! Drive, bike, skate or take the wonderful ferry ride straight to 45 Caledonia Street, and Sandrino Pizza e Vino.  Tucked away on a quiet street, away from the touristy section of town, you'll find one of the culinary gems of the Bay Area. Owners Alessandro and Monika opened this pizzeria, restaurant and wine bar in September 2015 after operating for many years a successful establishment in Trento, Italy, and have never looked back. Come for Alessandro's pizza, and stay for Monika's lasagne, done "right" (meaning with bechamel sauce). They use only the best ingredients, including parmigiano reggiano aged 24 months, and top-notch bresaola from Italy's Valtellina region. Wash it all down with a bottle of Nebbiolo from Piemonte, or a craft beer, including Italy's very hard to find Menabrea (blonde or red), and finish off with tiramisù or creme caramel. You won't regret it.  No reservations.